Dipper does the 12th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut

In early October, we welcomed fall with the 12th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut and celebrated one of Philly’s most notable lifesaving organizations (for pets, anyway!) — the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Each year, PAWS throws a fundraising festival filled with canine activities — games, agility courses, photo booths, and a one-mile walk around the Navy Yard — and we make sure to always attend. Continue on to see our day in pictures and learn some tips for attending the Mutt Strut next year!

Two small dogs stand on a platform in front of a sign that says "I completed the OpBarks agility course a the PAWS Mutt Strut." Neither of them completed the course.

Bring a friend (and prepare to make some new ones)

There’s plenty to do at the Mutt Strut, but the fun of it all is enhanced with a friend. There’s nothing quite like pointing at a cute dog in a costume and shouting, “Look at that dog!” at your BFF. Then again, it’s the most acceptable place to point and say that to a total stranger. Everyone there just gets it.

That means the Mutt Strut is the perfect place to make a new friend. Each year, Dipper has a blast getting to sniff dogs from all across Philadelphia. We’ve made friends canine and human alike at the event for the past three years, and we always look forward to seeing them there again.

Two women each hold their own small dogs as they smile in a photobooth. One dog is dressed as a rockstar, the other is Pikachu.
My friend Brooke and her dog Pippin came with us this year! It was great to have an extra pair of hands for wrangling the dogs.
A small tan dog with long hair touches noses with a small white dog with short hair.
Dipper ran into our West Philly neighbor, Frank! Frank is a PAWS alum. When his owner adopted him, he had no hair and lots of infections. Look how far he’s come!

Try something new

Friends new and old make it easier to experience something new, too. A friend can take the edge off your first attempt at the agility course or your premier strut across the costume contest stage. Am I talking about the dog or the human? That’s for you to decide!

Each year, PAWS and sponsors provide a whole host of activities and games for you and your pets. Our friends at Opportunity Barks are always good for their agility course. I thoroughly enjoy the paw print painting booth. And loads of vendors always have those great prize wheels for spinning—which usually result in treats for your pooch.

PAWS provided the classic “hide the treat under the cup” game. Dipper did poorly, but the kind volunteer offered my noseblind dog the prize anyway.
A small dog stands in front of an abandoned building. Out of each window is a gigantic inflatable purple tentacle, which makes it look like the building contains a monster.
The Navy Yard was full of surprises that day, including this art installation. Created by artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, the inflatable tentacles had been installed just days before the event.
Two people stand dressed as the characters from the Legend of Zelda with their black dog. The dog is dressed as Shadow Link with a black hat and shield.
Dipper and I entered the costume contest for the first time, but we paled in comparison to this similarly Nintendo-themed entry. They won!
A yorkie wears a hat that looks like a sunflower.
Another costume contest winner!

Come hungry

Speaking of treats, what’s a fall event without food? Look out for the food truck vendors to bring you a late breakfast after registration or a very early dinner after the one-mile walk. Dipper’s favorite food truck comes in the form of a raw meaty bone purveyor.

There’s plenty of other goodies to be had, too. Mutt Strut registrants always get a free bag to stash their swag, which usually includes lots of waste bag dispensers, tennis balls, and more from some of Philly’s favorite pet businesses.

Nothing quite like a raw meaty bone to close a perfect Saturday.
Two words: free swag!

Remember to make memories

The Mutt Strut is a perfect opportunity to bond with your dog. It’s a whole day to think about what makes your dog so special as you surround yourself with hundreds of other dogs and the humans who love them.

For that reason, take the time to let your dog lead at the Mutt Strut. See what he wants to do. Buy him a bone. Let him roll in the grass of the Navy Yard. Bring him home an adoptable sister from PAWS. Well, maybe not. But you could! PAWS always comes with their adoptable pups. They’re the real reason for the event, after all.

Were you at the 12th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut? Are you going next year? Let us know below!

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