A Philadelphia Dog-Lover’s Gift Guide

As a dog owner, my favorite gifts are’t the ones for me. Rather, they’re the ones for my dog. I was more excited for the $2.49 toy my mom bought Dipper for Christmas last year than I was about any of my own gifts.

If you’re looking to give the dog lover in your life something really special—or if you’re trying to point someone in the direction of something you yourself want—our very own Philadelphia is the perfect place to go shopping. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Philly designers and makers specializing in goodies for your dog (and you) for whatever you’re celebrating this season. Not in Philly? Check out their websites for shipping.


Philly is full of mutts. And that’s great! It’s a reflection of the awesome rescue scene we have in the city. But what isn’t so great is trying to find a Christmas ornament or t-shirt with your mixed breed’s likeness on it. After experiencing that same disappointment, the mind behind 3dprintingdog decided to make his own 3D printed mementos of his tiny rescue terrier, Miracle, and has since begun making them for others’ pets, too!

You can now buy a 3D printed likeness of the mutt in your life, designed and printed in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. These figurines are a touching gift for someone with a unique pet.


Bowties for dogs. That’s the end of the pitch.

These bowties are made in South Philly from recycled and vintage fabrics—a cut above the rest. They’re the perfect gift for that friend whose dog has his own Instagram. If it’s your dog with the Instagram, then a bowtie will make an awesome adornment on his collar for holiday photos and Christmas dinner. He’ll be the best dressed one there.

Amelie’s Bark Shop

Granted, dogs don’t care about lifelike figurines or bowties. Amelie’s Bark Shop, located on East Passyunk Avenue, can hook you up with something the dog will really enjoy: house made biscuits, cookies, and cakes. You can order a whole custom cake for the holiday, or you can grab some Christmas cookies from the bakery case.

If you’re really set on some doggie apparel, Amelie’s sells handmade sweaters, bandanas, and bowties, too. They’re all knitted and sewn by the store owner’s mother.

goDog Bag

If your gift recipient would like something a little more utilitarian, try the goDog Bag on for size. This dog-walking bag was designed in Philly by a pair of dog lovers sick of Milk-Bone encrusted pockets and ugly training pouches. It provides space for all of your dog-walking needs, including room for your phone and two tennis balls, and an easy access treat pouch. There’s even a waste-bag dispenser built into the side of the bag. Give the gift of an easier dog walk!

We wrote a more comprehensive spotlight on the goDog Bag and its designers last year.


Can’t make up your mind? Try a gift certificate from one of the city’s many independent pet stores. It shows you put a little thought into where your gift’s recipient lives, as well as one of their favorite things—their dog.

Do you know of any other Philly makers? Tell us about them!

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