Dipper’s Quips: Neutering and toys

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Welcome to the second edition of Dipper’s Quips, an “advice” column from the other half of this website, the dog. Expect diatribes from Dipper about the evils of squirrels and commentary on his anti-social nature. We’re not responsible for what happens if you take my dog’s “advice.”

Dear Dipper, The other day I thought I heard my owner say something sounding like “NEUTER,” though I was at the other end of the room. I’ve still got all of my, ummmm, “parts” and don’t want to lose them. Should I start planning on running away when they try to shove me in that awful “vet-box?” Or is there some sure-fire way to make my owner feel so guilty about doing that to me that it just won’t happen? What do you think? – “Still Got ‘Em”

D: I feel you, friend, but you don’t want to run away. Take it from me, I’m a former stray. The streets are cold, loud, and filled with unkind people. Of dogs that go missing, 9 percent never make it home. That may not seem like a lot, but I wouldn’t make a one out of 10 bet that I’d never see Tori again—not even for a million bully sticks. And I don’t think you should either.

Believe it or not, we gain a lot when we lose our, um, “bits.” Try an extra few years of life to spend with your humans. Many cities, including ours, make families of unneutered animals pay higher yearly registration fees, which means less money for treats. Some parks won’t let you in if you’ve still got ’em, and as I point out in my first Dipper’s Quips, it’ll be a lot harder for you to make friends. Neutered dogs like me just don’t like the way dogs like you smell. Sorry, bud!

My dog Puddi is also a Silky. We’ve tried for years to find dog toys that he likes to no avail. I know you have your little bee, but what other toys or bones do you enjoy? Maybe Puddi will like them. – Devan D.

D: While our breed may explain some of our personality traits, it doesn’t mean we’re all alike in every regard—on that note, Silky Terriers unite! It’s possible that Puddi just might not be a toy kinda dog. I’m not either. While I like to bring visitors my bee(s), they only come out to play for special occasions. Like a true terrier, I do everything on my own terms, and that includes playing. With that said, I can be convinced to play when people are tossing my toys about. Have you tried that with Puddi?

I’m also partial to my busy toys. That is, toys you can fill with kibble and treats. I like to nudge my Buster Treat Ball around the apartment, and I like to work with Tori to get treats out of my Tug-A-Jug . . . I can’t quite figure that one out by myself. By playing with a treat dispensing toy, you can show Puddi that it’s fun and rewarding to spend time together. Then he may be a little more inclined to pick up a stuffed bee. Just as long as it’s not mine.


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