Product Review: Canvas Pet Tote by LoveThyBeast

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I preface this review with a warning: it goes against every aspect of my blog’s mission of providing practical and affordable information to dog owners in Philadelphia.

That’s because this tote cost $160.

However, I feel so strongly about this tote that I want to get the word out. I love this tote. Dipper loves this tote. My parents hate this tote because, again, it cost $160 but I love this tote.

lovethybeast tote
Boldly going where no dog has gone before. As in, taking him into stores and stuff.

As an aside, I have searched far and wide for the perfect pet carrier, something I could casually put Dipper in on trips or at special events when walking got to be too much for him. But every carrier that wasn’t a hard plastic pet crate or an airline approved duffel looked like something a 2005 Hollywood socialite would shove her Yorkie in—gaudy hues of pink, leopard print, and sometimes both on one bag.

The Canvas Pet Tote by LoveThyBeast is a game changer. Chic and simplistic, it’s fashionable while remaining practical in use and very well made.

lovethybeast tote LDBP
The medium canvas pet tote by LoveThyBeast. Handmade in Brooklyn.

The tote is available in two sizes—medium and large—and aside from the price, sizing was my biggest hangup when placing my order. Dipper’s a small dog, but at nearly 11 lbs. he’s by no means a Chihuahua. I spoke to someone at LoveThyBeast who, in addition to being very nice and helpful, assured me the medium would be a perfect fit for my weird long-bodied, short-legged dog. Upon arrival, it seemed like it was too small, but the medium proved to be a perfect fit.

In terms of the tote’s features, it’s just about as basic as it gets. For the human, there are two outside pockets and of course, straps for carrying. For the dog, there’s a scoop out of one side for him to poke his head out and an inside buckle that attaches to the leash to keep him from jumping out.

To close the tote, it has one of those super heavy duty metal zippers, the ones that can do some serious damage when you accidentally catch yourself while zipping it closed. That’s something I’m really going to have to watch out for, considering I’ll be putting a living thing in there.

LDBP lovethybeast bag
The tote comes in a lot of colors, but we decided on something that would match most of my wardrobe.

Speaking of closing the tote, it’s not a fully covered carrier, meaning your dog can always poke his head out—so it’s not a good tote for smuggling your dog anywhere. But the first time I actually saw someone with one of these was when I unknowingly sat next to a girl who had her dog in one on the bus. After I actually noticed she had a dog with her—it took awhile—I immediately asked where she got it.

The canvas material is super thick, making for a much heavier bag than I anticipated. However, it’s clear it is a very sturdy bag. The medium is recommended for dogs up to 15 lbs. but it seems like the sizing is probably based more on your dog’s height than weight. Dipper prefers to sit in his tote, which brings the scoop for his neck to the perfect height.

I don’t really have any complaints about this pet tote. The zipper was tough to close the first few times and I sort of wish the outside pockets were a bit deeper or on the side facing me instead, but that’s it.

Overall, yeah, I’d buy it again. But I’ll be eating instant noodles for awhile.

What do you think of LoveThyBeast? How do you get around town with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. If you take a bar of soap and gently rub it across the teeth of the zipper, it should glide a little easier. Nothing much should be used. Or call the manufacturer and see what they suggest.

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