A message from Dipper: Happy Halloween!

Hey. Dipper here. Tori wants me to say hi for, uh, howl-o-ween. Am I saying that right? Maybe it’s paw-lo-ween.

LDBP halloween spooker

I don’t quite know what howl-o-ween is, but Tori’s pretty excited about it. She says it’s a howl-o-day about getting scared and eating treats, but why would anyone like to be afraid? Thunderstorms already happen too much for my liking. Humans are weird.

But eating treats is a personal hobby of mine, though Tori says I’m a bit of a snob. We’re a strictly Milk-Bone free household, you see. Tori’s brought a new type of treat home for howl-o-ween. She says it’s made of something I think she calls, er, pawmpkin…? It’s pretty good, if a funny color. Granted, it’s neither meat nor cheese, but I can get behind this once a year, as long as it doesn’t replace my usual treats. Now that would be scary.

Dogo Pet Fashion reversible bumblebee ladybug dog hoodie
Don’t be fooled. I wasn’t a willing participant. – Dipper

Speaking of scary, howl-o-ween has also involved a lot of coverings. You know, those things humans like to put on us dogs. Tori says they’re called pawstumes. You can see me in one of mine here. According to Tori, I’m a bumblebee. And a ladybug. Can’t I just be a dog?

So far, howl-o-ween has been a lot of me getting scared. But do I get to scare anypawdy? Maybe Tori will let me scare some squirrels for howl-o-ween. Yeah, that sounds like fun. Now I see what this whole howl-o-ween thing is all about!

Enjoy your howl-o-weens, everypawdy.

-With love (and many sniffs), Dipper


6 Comments on A message from Dipper: Happy Halloween!

    • Thank you, Kilo. I’ve noticed that there are many more squirrels at this time of year. I wonder if it has anything to do with the howl-oday! I hope yours was well spent eating treats and doing much chasing. – Dipper

  1. This is fantastic. I found your blog on the Silky Terrier site. Dipper is adorable and looks a lot like my Goliath. I will be back to read more. Thank you. Michelle

    • We were so flattered by the warm welcome we received in the Silky group. Thank you so much for checking us out and sticking with us! – Tori & Dipper

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