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My dog has what can best be described as human hair. A silky terrier, Dipper’s breed is named for the luxurious feel of his long, fine, non-shedding hair. But its luxury comes with a price—prone to tangles and mats, bath time is a painful, unpleasant chore for the dog at the end of the brush.

earthbath conditioner
Earthbath sells biodegradable, sustainable, cruelty-free pet grooming products from shampoos and conditioners to wipes and refreshing sprays

As with my own hair, which is equally fine and tangles in the shower, I assumed the issue could be easily remedied with some conditioner. But I was, admittedly, skeptical of buying conditioner for my dog. Despite my reservations, I picked up a 16 oz. bottle of Earthbath Créme Rinse and Conditioner at Philadelphia pet store BONeJOUR for about $15, practically an investment with my college budget.

Bathtime ease

After our usual shampooing, I applied the conditioner. It was much thicker than I anticipated, so I cut it in my hand with water. I also continued to add water as I rubbed it all over Dipper and let it sit for a few minutes.

I brushed out his hair in the tub while he was still wet, then let it sit again for a few more minutes. It was a knotted mess, but the tangles came out much easier than they would had I just used shampoo and allowed him to air-dry. Using short, quick brush strokes, I was able to detangle Dipper’s hair and better disperse the conditioner.

Of course, using the conditioner added extra time to our bath routine, and Dipper wasn’t thrilled. But when I pulled him out of the tub to dry, there were absolutely no knots!

Lasting itch and stench relief

Beyond the hassle of bath time tangles, Dipper’s hair also starts to feel and smell somewhat like an unwashed human head a few days post-bath. As the grease starts to build up, the result is an itchy, smelly dog. I had previously spent a pretty penny on a bottle of TropiClean Oatmeal and Tea Tree shampoo to no avail, so I didn’t have high hopes that Earthbath would do much for him there.

The Earthbath selection at BONeJOUR
The Earthbath selection at BONeJOUR—puppy shampoos, coat brighteners, hypo-allergenic products, and more

While I have noticed him itching less, the conditioner doesn’t help him smell any better for any longer than shampoo alone. The smell of the conditioner also fades faster than a shampoo.

Despite the quickly fading scent, this Earthbath smells pleasant without being overbearing. I’d prefer my dog to have no scent rather than an unnatural smell like mango or coconut, but the vanilla and almond formula of this conditioner is lovely.

Dipper’s hair can also wind up frizzy post-bath, like mine, but I didn’t have this issue after using the Earthbath conditioner. In fact, it left my dog’s hair softer than I’ve ever felt it, and glossier than I’ve ever seen it.

A worthy investment for the right dog

I wouldn’t recommend using this, or probably any, conditioner on dogs whose hair doesn’t usually tangle. I have a feeling it would probably result in an residue buildup on short shedding hair, or even just normal fur. But for my long-haired dog, it was just what I was looking for.

Not only did the Earthbath cut down on our bath time struggles with the brush, but it gave me a less itchy, less smelly, unbelievably soft pet.

Considering the aforementioned thickness of the conditioner, I think I made a worthwhile purchase that should last a long time as I dilute it with each use. Dipper isn’t enjoying the added time in the bath, but he should be happy with the conditioner’s lasting effects: tangle free, silky smooth hair.

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    • Hi, Bernie. Every dog is different, and the TropiClean shampoo just didn’t work for us. I’ve realized I can’t bathe my dog with just shampoo – he needs conditioner, too.

  1. Tori, what a great example of a kind reply! When respondents reply to posts, occasionally appearing cold presumptuous or, to any degree, insulting, it can be a challenge to stay geniounly kind. I just wanted to take a moment of my time to thank you for leading the way.

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