Our Mission

Hello, all! I’m Tori. At the time of this entry, I’m a college student, writer, and avid dog-lover who has lived in Philadelphia for several years.

I’ve created this space as an outlet to share my experiences as a young dog owner living in Philadelphia. Dogs were always a part of my life growing up in rural South Jersey, but I traded my pets for human roommates when I came to the city for college. Three dark, dogless years later, I moved to my first dog-friendly apartment in West Philly with my silky terrier, Dipper. Despite my dog being the cherry on top of my living-by-myself sundae, dog ownership in the city has come with a lot of challenges.

Since adopting Dipper, I found that, while there are certainly a lot of resources for experienced dog owners in Philly, I can’t say the same for people like me. Things that may be second nature to a seasoned, dog-owning veteran have involved a lot of confusion and research on my part—can I take my dog on SEPTA? Where is the closest dog park in West Philly? Is my dog allowed in Shake Shack?

With this blog, I hope to provide an outlet for dog owners like me who are new to the game, those who are looking for guidance but can’t seem to find it, no matter what they ask Google.

In that same vein, I understand that money and time can sometimes be short. This is especially true for college students, recent grads, and other young adults trying to get a leg up in the world (while also trying to lower their dog’s leg on that fire hydrant). I give dog ownership in the city a realistic, albeit somewhat frugal look. In a perfect world, I’d take Dipper to Rittenhouse Square every day. In the real world, I don’t own a car. I know many people and their pets are in the same situation as us.

All in all, I hope my insights can provide a service to other humans and their furry friends living in Philly.

Thanks for reading!

– Tori & Dipper

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